We have a major problem with our plant room, we have been told what is wrong with it I need to get three quotes so the work can go ahead.

We have been told that the heat exchangers have gone, all pipes to the heat exchangers are blocked filters are leaking, multiport valves have failed.

Here is a list of what we need:
1. New filter refurbishment to 2no filters including removal of old media from site into skip, new filter internal laterals system and new sand media.
2. New waterco multiports suited to filters smd1200.
3. Waterco filters 2no smd1200-80mm port size.
4. No lower sand hole filter spec.
5. New filtration circulation pump certikin type cp750s 3 phase.
6. Heat exchangers to no1 290kw heat plates.
7. Heat exchangers to 1no 140kw heat plates.
8. New heat exchanger flow and return pipework in pvcc type pipework resistant type to both heat exchangers local to heat exchangers plates back into main pipework return flow circulation.
9. New 3" ball valve to direct water flow more proportionally into filters.
10. Extra heating booster pump.
11. Labour and installation.

We obviously need to move forward with asap.